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I have had the honor to have been in the same writers’ group as Heidi Stallman for over fifteen years. She has beta read for all five of my published novels, plus several others. I can say with assurance that I would never have been published without the feedback from this group, and from Ms. Stallman in particular. She has a wonderful knack for helping authors see how their work could be improved. Her feedback is both positive and insightful, allowing a writer to see both the strengths and the weaknesses of a manuscript.I consider myself lucky to have a writer and critique partner of such talent at my disposal.
Brian Katcher, author of ALMOST PERFECT, (winner of the 2011 Stonewall Book Award), PLAYING WITH MATCHES (winner of the 2011 North Carolina Young Adult Book Award), EVERYONE DIES IN THE END, THE IMPROBABLE THEORY OF ANA AND ZAK, and DEACON LOCKE WENT TO PROM.  www.briankatcher.com