Editorial Services

Are you hoping to bring out the magic in your manuscript? Welcome! I’m accepting new clients and am excited to work with you. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and ideas in a supportive way that nurtures developing writers. My favorite thing is to help a writer to no longer need me!

After three decades of writing and editing experience, I am happy to offer free-lance creative writing services in addition to my free-lance academic editing services. I specialize in short stories, novellas, and novels for MG and YA (all genres welcome, although I might not be the best fit for novels in verse or YA horror. I especially love speculative, contemporary and historical fiction.) I also have experience with MG non-fiction, women’s fiction and mainstream adult fiction. Contact me to see if I might be a good fit for your manuscript. (If you’re a graduate student or academic who needs developmental editing in the fields of economics, biology, ecology, wildlife management, food security, or sustainable land use/agriculture, you can send me a note, too.)

I am not a good fit for picture books, early readers, or adult romance, erotica or horror. In addition, I will not accept any stories featuring explicit sexual violence or explicit animal abuse. Any suggestion of animal cruelty or sexual abuse/violence must be approached with taste and tenderness, at a level appropriate for a 10 – 12 year-old reader (for both MG and YA). Please ask if you’re unsure (don’t send samples – a description is enough).

My Services and Rates:

Query Critiques: Let me help you tighten and strengthen your 1-page query. One pass: $25 Three passes: $45

Synopsis Critiques: Not only is a synopsis required by some agents and editors, it can be extremely helpful in pinpointing potential big-picture issues in your manuscript. I can help you make sure it contains the right plot and character details. 10 cents per word (e.g. $50 for a 500-word synopsis, $75 for 750 words, etc.) Includes quick follow-up questions through email exchange. A 2nd pass is available at a substantial discount.

Query Package: Combine a query, one-page synopsis, and first chapter critique. Includes detailed line edits and feedback. $80. 2nd pass $30.

Gentle Critiques: Not sure if you’re ready for critique? This service is great for writers who have never had feedback or who are easily overwhelmed by feedback. Send me your first 3 pages, and I will pick out 3 things you are doing well and give you 2- 3 gentle suggestions for improvement. I will not tell you everything that needs work, just 2 or 3 things to work on (your choice for how many). I will also provide examples of how to improve. $15 (Discounts available for repeat clients who want to use gentle critiques as a tutoring experience.)

First Chapter Critiques: Your first chapter is so important and needs special consideration. I will read your first chapter (up to 12 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font) and provide a thorough critique, including line edits, comments, and overall feedback. $30

Partial Critiques: I will make one pass through your partial manuscript, noting issues both inline and large-scale, including suggestions on everything from use of language to voice, plot, scene structure and character development. I will also point out some things I love and be available for quick follow-up questions through email. I generally suggest 30 – 50 pages for your first partial. 1 cent per word (e.g. $50 for a 5,000 word partial, $100 for a 10,000 word partial etc.). $40 minimum

Full Manuscript Critique, including line-edits and edit letter*: I will read your full manuscript, noting issues both inline and large-scale, including suggestions on everything from use of language to voice, dialogue, plot, scene structure, pacing, tension, and character arcs. I will point out some things I love, and I might use track changes to point out effective ways to tighten prose (Note: Line editing is not copy editing; if you need help with grammar, please hire a copy editor for this). I will also provide a detailed 4 – 6 page edit letter and will be available for quick follow-up questions through email. 1 cent per word (e.g. $500 for a 50,000 word full). Discounts available for a 2nd pass on the same manuscript after revision. $350 minimum

Please note: You will get the most out of a full manuscript critique if you have already polished your manuscript to the best of your ability with critique partners, beta readers, or editors.

Full Manuscript Report*: I will make one pass through your full manuscript and make 5 -8 pages of detailed notes addressing any large-scale, big-picture issues. I will also be available for quick follow-up questions by email. This option is great for authors who are confident in their own writing style but wish for another pair of eyes to critique overall issues with plot, character, pace, voice, and resolution.  $.006 per word (e.g. $300 for a 50,000 word manuscript)

Note: Full manuscript reports are only available to authors who I’ve already worked with and whose prose and story-telling skills have reached a high level of professionalism.

* I will include a free query critique in all full manuscript critiques or reports


Please see my testimonials page for testimonials from my critique partners.

Booking Services:

To book a service with me, send a brief description of the project (word count, genre, service requested, if a rush is needed, etc.) using the contact form on my contact page. I will provide a letter of agreement including a price estimate, services included and estimated time to complete the work. Once you are ready to book with me,  a 50% deposit is due with payment being taken via PayPal. The remaining 50% will be due once the work is completed. I will send the edits once I have received the final payment.